NCL To Host Star-Studded Inaugural Miami Beach Bike Race April 8

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NCL riders gather at the start line

The National Cycling League will be kicking off their inaugural event on Miami Beach on April 8 (photo contributed by NCL)

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NCL to host Miami Beach Invitational on April 8

Miami Beach is set to host the National Cycling League (NCL) this weekend for its inaugural NCL Miami Beach Invitational as part of the 2023 NCL Cup on Saturday, April 8, 2023.

The NCL Cup is a four-part invitational series that will be held in four different locations across the United States from April to September 2023. Featured cities will include Miami Beach, Atlanta, Denver and Washington DC.

Each race will feature professional cycling teams and include 60 laps (with each lap clocking in at about a mile) around the city.

Ten teams will be competing for the title of 2023 NCL Cup Champions and $1M+ in prize money.

The 10 professional cycling teams competing for the title include:

  • Team 1: CCB-Alpine Carbon P/B Levine Law Group (Women’s) & Foundation Cycling New York (Men’s)
  • Team 2: Goldman Sachs ETFs Racing (Women’s) & Texas Roadhouse Cycling P/V VQ Labs
  • Team 3: Miami Nights Cycling Club (Women’s & Men’s)
  • Team 4: Monarch Racing (Women’s) & Team Mike’s Bikes P/B Equator Coffees (Men’s)
  • Team 5: Denver Disruptors Cycling Club (Women’s & Men’s)
  • Team 6: Roxo Racing (Women’s) & Voler Factory Racing (Men’s)
  • Team 7: Team Skyline (Women’s & Men’s)
  • Team 8: Team (Women’s & Men’s)
  • Team 9: Primeau Velo Racing (Women’s) and Kelly Benefits Cycling (Men’s)

We will, of course, be rooting for our South Florida home team, the Miami Nights.

For additional event details, check out the official NCL Miami Beach Invitational spectator guide here.

The National Cycling League’s Miami Beach Invitational is free and open to the general public (photo contributed by NCL)

NCL Miami Beach Invitational event details

The NCL Miami Beach Invitational event is free and open to the general public.

The main cycling event will take place in the heart of South Beach with the start/finish line located on Ocean Drive and 11th Street.

The race course will include Ocean Drive, 8th Street, Washington Street, and 13th Street. Drivers will want to take note of area road closures (spanning from Collins Avenue from 5th to 14th Street and 13th Street from Washington Avenue) for the duration of the event.

VIP tickets featuring premium seating and free food and beverage options have already sold out.

Here’s an overview of the event:

  • 12 pm – FanFest @ Lummus Park (with food vendors and family-friendly activities)
  • 12 pm – BMX Freestyle Stunt Show (Ocean Drive)
  • 1 pm – Kids’ Race (Ocean Drive)
  • 1:30 pm – BMX Freestyle Stunt Show (Ocean Drive)
  • 2:30 pm – Roll Like a Pro: Community Bike Ride (Ocean Drive)
  • 3 pm – VIP Area Opens (Lummus Park) (sold out)
  • 3:45 pm – Race Kick-Off (Ocean Drive)
  • 4:15 pm – Pro Women’s Race (Ocean Drive)
  • 5:45 pm – Pro Men’s Race (Ocean Drive)

A post-race awards ceremony will follow.

Again, check out the official NCL Miami Beach Invitational spectator guide here.

How to watch the NCL Miami Beach Invitational

There are three ways to watch the NCL Miami Beach Invitational.

1. Watch live at Miami Beach

Naturally, the best way to watch the event is in-person.

The race’s start is set to take place at 3:45 pm.

The course’s start/finish line is located at the intersection of Ocean Drive and 11th St in Miami Beach.

Event organizers advise spectators to arrive early if they want to watch from the finish line as this area is expected to fill up quickly.

Alternative hot spots to catch a glimpse of the race are the four corners of the course located at the intersections of:

  • Ocean Drive and 13th
  • 13th and Washington Ave
  • Washington Ave and 8th
  • 8th & Ocean Drive

2. Stream live on GCN+

Additionally, all four races, including the Miami Beach Invitational, will be made available via both live stream and on-demand on the Global Cycling Network with a GCN+ subscription.

GCN+ subscribers will also receive exclusive in-app NCL content.

3. Stream live on Eurosport Play

Finally, fans from around the globe can also watch the races via Eurosport Play.

About the National Cycling League

Almost every major sport in the United States has its own national league.

But with over 50M+ cyclists in the US alone and over 2B cyclists worldwide – NCL co-founder and CEO Paris Wallace saw a gap in the market.

“I saw an opportunity to reinvent the sport I love; to bring the passion and excitement of cycling to the next generation of fans. I wanted to reduce the knowledge barrier of becoming a fan by adding a scoreboard and creating a league structure that mimics most other professional sports. I also wanted to reduce the time investment by making it shorter, faster, and more action-packed. And that is how the NCL was born.”

Paris Wallace, NCL Co-Founder and CEO

But Wallace didn’t stop there.

He wanted to create a league that broke the mold and combated many of the systemic problems that plague other national sports leagues including:

  • Gender Equality: Both the Men’s teams and Women’s teams contribute equally to the total score for each race and receive equal salaries with equal resources.
  • Diversity: The NCL is the first sports league to be majority-minority and female-owned.
  • Sustainability: Races naturally have a minimal carbon footprint and promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Community Impact: With charity bike rides, fan expos and volunteer opportunities that allow fans to truly connect with the sport they love.

And those unique ownership opportunities are already attracting attention from big-name athletes and celebrities from across the globe including, but not limited to, NBA star Bradley Beal, former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and the NFL’s Jalen Ramsey, among others.

So don’t be surprised if you score a few celebrity sightings at NCL events this year as the league continues to gain momentum.

Learn more about the NCL website:

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