Boho House Miami: An Honest Review From a Local With Photos [2023]

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The Boho House is located at 111 NE 20th St, Miami, FL 33137 (photo by Anna Dykeman/

The Boho House is located at 111 NE 20th St, Miami, FL 33137 (photo by Anna Dykeman/

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Explore Miami’s Most Colorful Restaurant: The Boho House

Miami Beach’s beautiful beaches and blue ocean have led many to associate the city primarily with vacation, parties, relaxation and ultimate ease of life. And this is exactly what sums up the beautifully designed bohemian environment at the BOHO house.

The fusion of Latin and sentiments of bohemian open-air styles at Boho House Miami create an otherworldly ambiance
The fusion of Latin and sentiments of bohemian open-air styles created an ambiance akin to entering another world (photo by Anna Dykeman/

My experience at Boho House Miami

During my visit to Boho House, one thing became clear: This is not your typical Miami restaurant. Rather, it’s a welcoming sanctuary space in the middle of the city.

Enclosed by tall fences, The Boho House takes on an air of mystery from the outside – the kind that makes you nervously want to take a peek inside.

As I pulled up and parked on the street, a hostess greeted me. She set the tone with a unique overlay of infectious energy.

She politely explained that reservations are expected at this restaurant. However, as I was alone, she was able to accommodate me.

Even though it was a Tuesday evening, it was packed.

Stepping through the grand entrance was a soulful experience. The fusion of Latin and sentiments of bohemian open-air styles created an ambiance akin to going into another world. It felt magical.

The left half of the venue included a bar and live DJ booth. The right half housed a stage for weekend performances, highlighting the bohemian life radiating vibrant energy and diverse stories. 

Several tables were clustered in the center, tucked under miscellaneously shaped vegetation. Diverse ornate accessories adorned with trees gave the impression that I had just entered a magical fairy garden.

Benches and pillows lined the rear for comfort on top of vibrant rugs. Garlands and lanterns in amber colors hung from the ceiling to create a warm and oriental oasis.

The Boho House takes pride in serving only locally-sourced ingredients.

But you can see that The Boho House also takes pride in providing a unique dining experience.

They are culinary shamans with vintage furnishings and eccentric decor.

Tacos at Boho House Miami
Tacos at Boho House Miami (photo by Anna Dykeman/

Boho House menu and specials

The menu featured extensive top-of-the-line tapas-style food ranging from $10-15.

At the time of this writing, you get to choose from tacos, sushi, empanadas and a few other local favorites. There are also a few desserts such as the Boho Dobosh in chocolate or pistachio butter cake.

The drink menu included 19 cocktails, five different mule cocktails, three different sours, beers, wines, coffee and also hot tea.

At the time of this writing, the Boho House offers three different weekly promotions:

  • Sunset Hour occurs from 4-7 pm, Monday through Friday, with $7 cocktails, $3 beers and $7 small plates. 
  • Every Tuesday is ladies’ night from 4 pm to midnight, with discounted cocktails and other perks. 
  • Bottomless mimosas for $25 on weekends between 4 and 7 pm.

Even though the ladies’ night margarita special was calling my name, I rarely partake in adult beverages. And so, I settled on tea ($8).

The presentation did not fall short of my expectations.

It began by allowing me to choose a high-quality tea bag from a wide selection. And then they brought a large platter that contained a cup of hot water, sugar, and a large cup of honey. This presentation combined with the sound of the rain, along with the live DJ, left me wanting for naught.

The best part? Gratuity was already factored into the final bill. So there’s no need to do the math after a long day and a few drinks. As a note, this is a practice that has started to become more popular among Miami restaurants.

The JB Roll (pictured) and tacos are among the most popular entrees at The Boho House
The JB Roll (pictured) and tacos are among the most popular entrees at The Boho House (photo by Anna Dykeman/

Best things to order at Boho House

My stomach was growling, and my mouth was watering as I browsed the menu showcasing an upcoming unique culinary experience. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some food.

So, I decided on the tacos ($13) and JB Roll ($12) based on the recommendation of my waitress.

The dishes were prepared in an aesthetically pleasing way in keeping with the restaurant’s vibe.

Three plush tacos made of soft corn tortillas were brought out. Each was loaded to the brim with chicken and pork and topped with pico de gallo and house boho sauce.

The JB Roll included six pieces sliced to perfection. Each was stuffed with salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber. And each was coated in nori and sesame seeds.

After sampling both, I can see why my waitress claims these are the most popular platters. Although, empanadas and quesadillas are also very popular choices at this place.

Dobosh Chocolate at the Boho House Miami
The desserts at Boho House Miami are not to be missed. Pictured: Dobosh Chocolate (photo by Anna Dykeman/

Boho House dress code

Boho House has a laid-back vibe. However, visitors are expected to either dress for success or a night out on the town. No shorts for men, nor flip-flops are allowed after 8 pm.

In short: business casual or night out.

It may also be important to note, Boho House is 24 and up after 9 pm.

Boho House reservation information and availability

On this particular night, I sat at the bar. And to my surprise, it ended up being my favorite area to sit. Unlike traditional bars, this one is beach-inspired bar and looks out over the entire establishment.

Though I got lucky with some space available, I wouldn’t count on it.

So, don’t do what I did and just show up. Make a reservation. Especially if you’re taking a large party with you and want to go on a weekend when it gets packed. 

Head over to the Boho website to reserve your spot.

Is Boho House pet friendly?

Down for some bottomless mimosas with your furry best friend on the weekend? Look no further, you found the right place.

You may bring your pawed-best friend along as long as you leave the premises by 7 pm.

Is Boho House worth It?

After reading all of this, you may wonder if this place’s hype is worth it.

In a nutshell: YES, absolutely!

Whether or not you find it actually worthwhile will likely depend on your expectations.

This isn’t a Michelin-starred gourmet dining experience.

However, if you’re looking for a unique place to spend a happy hour in a vintage style, otherworldly atmosphere, then you’ve found the ideal place to relax and enjoy.

The Boho House is located at 111 NE 20th St, Miami, FL 33137. At the time of this writing, its open from 4 pm – 3 am daily.

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