Where are they now: Chef Scarmiglia and Brickell’s La Centrale

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Written By Morgan Overholt

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the former location of la centrale

La Centrale has officially closed its doors for good (photo by Morgan Overholt/MiamiTake.com)

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Chef Vincenzo has been bringing his internationally recognized fame and flair to the Miami food scene since 2018

Tuscany native Chef Vincenzo Scarmiglia started making headlines in Miami in 2018 after he was pegged to be the now-infamous La Centrale food hall’s Executive Chef.

With a background of working for some of the world’s most upscale and well-known restaurants at locations like the Venetian Hotel, GIADA’s, The Cromwell and the Bellagio. Scarmiglia seemed like a perfect fit.

What happened to La Centrale?

La Centrale was meant to be the crowning jewel of culinary feats in Brickell’s popular City Centre mall. After all, who doesn’t love the sound of a three-story Italian food hall?

Unfortunately, La Centrale wasn’t long for the Brickell world. Not due to the food, but more due to a failure of execution and logistics.

It tried to be too much, all at once.

In fact, La Centrale spent most of its short-lived tenure in Brickell with only the first floor that seemed to ever gain any traction.

Luna Park would open shortly after La Centrale’s demise, only to follow in its footsteps just a couple of short years later.

Today, the space is unoccupied.

Where is Chef Scarmiglia today?

And Chef Scarmiglia has moved on too it seems.

According to his LinkedIn, he is now the Executive Chef at W Hotels in Miami Beach, Florida.

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